Virtonomics Update #5

by Steven Liew

in Personal Development,Virtonomics

I’ve left my account stagnant on Lien server and have migrated over to Mary server. And the reason behind it? I guess I have been lucky.

In my process of picking up Virtonomics in Lien server, I’ve compiled and came up with a FAQ for starters and have participated actively in the forums by helping out fellow newbies like myself. I guess the big boys up there decided to make life better for me; I was invited to join their alliance in Mary server.

And the results?

SL Group @ Mary is proud to present the following achievements: We’ve Gone Black 🙂 (and in 25 days!)

Contest for Managers Status

SL Group Financial Report (25th Day)

And lol.. yeah thought I’d show my office too 😛

My Comfortable Office

My Comfortable Office

SL Group now has 12 offices, 9 farms, 17 factories, 13 retail stores, 10 labs and 4 warehouses.

To succeed, it’s not WHAT you know (Though it’s a good-to-have), but more importantly, it’s WHO you know.

Now that SL Group has reached 10 billion in assets, the next step is to get over with the CM (I guess the fate is already sealed for the contestants), and concentrate on winning tenders and the upcoming 35-day Contest for Directors (CD). I hope I don’t meet Schizo there, but if I do, I’ll be ready for him 🙂

For the long term goal, SL Group intends to dominate the Clothing & Shoes industry. Technology research has reached roughly level 8 (which is about top 45-50% of the realm). We still have a long way to go, but hey, it’s only been 25 days 🙂

As for the ones that I’m currently guiding them into winning (Xynfini, Kelzz), I guess they’re doing ok. Well, it’s always refreshing to help someone, and especially when you see the enthusiasm in them. Hopefully Kelzz’s enthusiasm stays throughout and is willing to hop over to Mary. And the same for Xynfini, plus, he needs to pick up the game fast! Let’s help each other out!

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