Virtonomics Update #4

by Steven Liew

in Personal Development,Virtonomics

First of all, Liew Group is proud to present the following report after 2 weeks from last update:

Liew Group Financial Report

Liew Group Financial Report

As of now, Liew Group has grown to 25m in asset and has the following sub-divisions under its business enterprise across Singapore, Japan, and Thailand:

  • 4 Offices
  • 10 Retail Stores
  • 4 Farms
  • 6 Factories (Additionally 2 under construction)
  • 1 Laboratory (Additionally 2 under construction)
  • 2 Warehouses

Just thought I’d also show my office 😛

My Virtonomics Office

My Virtonomics Office

The main formula I have picked up so far, basically describes the following steps:

  1. Secure a strong customer base with a reputable store front
  2. Duplicate your store setup and strategy to different countries, after extensive market research.
  3. Once we have a stable stream of positive cash flow, think about how we can reduce cost to increase profit
  4. Start off by identifying markets that have strong demands on products
  5. Build factories and manufacture your own products. You usually save 400% – 600% of cost that way.
  6. Eliminate your old suppliers, or keep them as your backup by ordering only 5-10% regularly
  7. Start using warehouse to streamline your business process (e.g.: Factories to Warehouse, Warehouse to Retail Stores, etc). This will save you a lot of management time.
  8. Get your friends to play, mentor them, treat them as your real students, make them grow as they will grow with you
  9. Start distributing your items to them if they can’t find good suppliers. Share the love 🙂

I have a reached a breakpoint where I am not able to lower down my expenses even more. I will think of a better way… Currently, the idea is to invest in technologies so that I can manufacture products with better quality than my competitors and hopefully this will outshine them and take over the market.

I need to study more on the economics of Virtonomics (such as how to gain a bigger market share) and consult the old veterans like mike1 and VLLord. Damn, these guys rock.

Peace out.

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