Virtonomics Update #2 – Things are starting to pick up!

by Steven Liew

in Personal Development,Virtonomics

Okie! Looks like after 3 failed attempts, I’ve finally picked up on this game! Again this is close to reality, not many people’s business made it out on their first attempt… It took me 4 tries for my virtual business. I guess this is a fine start, no?

On day 2, I managed to have a 20k profit with 1 shop. On day 3, I’ve expanded from food products to household (furnitures now) and the profit was 120k! Luckily I activated the commerce quest and I’ve received 500k for achieving more than 100k turnover (160k in fact) 😉

With 600k, I’ve expanded to Japan with my 3rd shop (food products again, I’ve learnt my lesson here…). I’ve also expanded to China and my first poultry farm is on its way! (1 week construction period). Things are looking good, because I’ve already struck a supply contract with Kok San (a friend I’ve made through Virtonomics), he will buy all the output products from my poultry farm and is willing to invest more 🙂 Again, another mirror to reality… It’s not what you know, but who you know

Lesson learnt so far:

  1. BE PERSISTENT. It took me 4 tries, how many did you take?
  2. START SMALL. Initially I was buggered by the fact that this game was a little off reality with qualifications that seemed virtual, because I couldn’t expand fast until I gain some qualifications (experience) and eventually level up to expand my shop, hire more people, train more people, and even sell high-end products such as electronic stuffs (I had to dump 15k of my goods)! But then I realised that in reality, this is the same too… You need experience before you can venture out more and go for bigger and crazier ideas…

More updates to come.. hopefully I get to learn something more 🙂

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Curier Flori February 22, 2011 at 11:13 am

Someone threw a bottle, then another and another until a shower of broken glass bombarded the ring. Hurriedly carrying out the stretcher that cradled the wasted warrior, security tried to take control of the rowdy group.


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