Punggol Topaz Flat Selection Update

by Steven Liew

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We went down to the HDB today and have finally chosen our unit. Just prior to the selection we narrowed down to 3 units (all of same floors). Initially I thought I could get the unit I want, but unfortunately the couple (and first of the day) before us actually got it first! Damn if only we were just 1 position before… But anyway, we took 1 level below them. It was a hard decision but we eventually made one.

So which one did we choose? We chose #303.

Initially we were deciding between units 301, 303, 309, 45, 339. Just in case we need a quick reference, the URL is here: http://www101.hdb.gov.sg/hdbvsf/eampu12p.nsf/0/10DECBTOPG_page/$file/10DECBTOPG_map.htm?open&ft=5room.ย Well, let’s review them one by one…. from my least favourite to my favourite.

45 – East/West Facing. Not much impact on the west face, but the morning sun will be hitting all the rooms. Has a pretty good view with the common green and LRT in sight. The unit is far from staircase, but also a tad far from the lift and rubbish chute (good and bad, depends on how you look at it). Unfortunately, the multi-storey carpark is just opposite the proposed site for a temple. What does this tell you? Hmm, increased amount of people snatching your carpark lots? Also, it is pretty much in the center of the Punggol Topaz project, which means movement to the amenities and public transportation will be slightly of inconvenience.

309 – At a glance it looks pretty good. But notice that the staircase is very near the unit? Personally I don’t like this, potentially it means dirtier and it is a potential area for dark acts. The short distance to the rubbish chute again is both a good and bad thing. Convenience versus Smell. View is pretty good here. It’s pretty good to the amenities of this project, and is pretty close to the LRT. One very slight problem however – if you book a cab next time, you might want to get ’em to stop over at Blk 260A instead of driving right in ๐Ÿ˜‰ Same with dropping off passengers next time, better to drop off at 260A and then drive into the carpark. Anyway, the worst thing about this unit is not about that, but rather if you look closely, YOU ARE FACING YOUR NEIGHBOUR! Do I smell potential bad blood? And what if the project on the west of Punggol Topaz has a carpark right next to 309? Maybe bad smell from the burning in the temple? And this also means potential west sun on the master bedroom? I don’t know, better not take the risk ๐Ÿ˜‰

339 – Facing the school, should be good view. But does it also mean that it’ll be noisy with the national anthems and school bells? Also, if the school to be built is a secondary school, I don’t think it’s a good idea to live so close to that, especially when amenities are just RIGHT nearby this unit. This means that hordes of students will be alighting at Soo Teck LRT, drop by the coffeeshop and then go to school? And what if they loiter at the void deck? That’s what the students near my current place are doing. Sickening. A short note that 337 master bedroom is west-facing for sure, hence that explains for the 2-3 headcount for this unit as yet.

301 – My 2nd favourite. Good view and near the carpark, but if you zoom out of the map, this road leads directly to TPE and is potentially a ‘main road’ for heavy traffic. Stay above level 6 and you’ll be fine from the LRT, but passengers might still have a good view into your master bedroom. My main concern is the noise arising from the traffic. Another thing I want to highlight is that if you zoom in like super close to your unit, maybe it’s possible to pick up the smell from the rubbish chute at your kitchen? ๐Ÿ˜‰

303 – My favourite. Has everything that 301 has, and since I am not staying at the top few floors, I don’t need to fear the west-face sun. At the same time, mitigated the potential noise from the main road, and the eyes from the LRT. Both 303 and 301 are far from staircase, so yeah that’s pretty good too!

That’s it! The rest of the unit are not even worth mentioning. And obviously this isn’t a ‘professional review’ of the Punggol Topaz project. In fact, this could even have been a biased one to begin with!

I am not and probably will not be a real estate agent so yeah ๐Ÿ˜›

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Beverly February 27, 2011 at 4:47 am

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Steven Liew February 27, 2011 at 12:21 pm

Thank you Bev ๐Ÿ™‚


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