Project IM Update #4

by Steven Liew

in Internet Marketing


In just a few minutes (at least for my timezone) would be 1st June 2011.

It has been a darn fruitful month for me in May. I’ve learnt SO MUCH things, and learning how to respect IM itself. It’s ONLY a medium, not some “click-shit” (as quoted). Build a business around it, then use IM to your advantage.

Which is one reason why I made that important decision 1 month ago.

I had the privilege to talk to someone about this and he pointed me in the right direction. Love the abstract part of all the advices, but the most important thing he told me was – “Treat it like a business”.

You know who you are – Thank you!

And hence Project BMF will be launched in 2 weeks’ time. I intend to do a 1-week launch-observation, and another week of split test and hopefully I will have enough data to pinpoint any loopholes that should be closed, and any mistakes that are (to be?) made. I know 2 weeks is a short amount of time, and that I will split up my entire business into different parts, layers and processes and I will also need to check them out one by one.

But hey, who EVER has enough time?

As I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts… Time will not tell, only strategy and patience.

Talk about testing. Not my forte, but I have to learn it nevertheless 😛


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