Project IM Update #3

by Steven Liew

in Personal Development

I will succeed!

I will succeed!

April 2011 has come to an end, and I am pleased with what I have done for April. Overall, the income for April 2011 tripled, comparing with March 2011. I am most pleased with this results.

And this is thanks to the power of outsourcing.

Moving forward, I am venturing into yet another realm, but this time the risks are much higher; results will be much sooner. Time will not tell this time, strategy and patience will.

Don’t get me wrong, I love things the way they are. It has been a good 2 months+ researching, trying out, and finally fully understanding how the system works. And this is why I have built a team of my own and have outsourced work to them.

But from my life’s experience (though I’m yet to be 30, but hey I’ve experienced enough), I have learnt that you should NEVER EVER put all your eggs in one basket. As what I have mentioned in my About Me section –

1) I do NOT believe in active income. And that means being an employee. Aren’t people tired of getting laid off? And I have seen weaklings who cannot climb back up to their feet after.

2) I do NOT believe in having only one (or even two) source of income. Ok fine, I now have 4 sources of income, but I am still trying to build more and more for myself, and for my loved ones.

So yes there are risks to take, but it is with this ‘entrepreneurship’ and the courage to take control of my life, that I can prove to everyone that this is DOABLE!

Wait for my good news! 😉


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