Project IM broke the egg!

by Steven Liew

in Internet Marketing

Steven Liew Broke The Egg

Steven Liew Broke The Egg

It has been some time since I have posted anything on my blog, since my last post on my Punggol Topaz selection.

And the reason is because I have been busy with a lot of things in real life – GF, Project IM, my upcoming Vday present follow-up, assisted in the plot to ambush one of my buddies’ birthday, hanging around with my 2 beloved cliques.

Frankly, I concentrated quite a fair bit on Project IM since it started; I did A LOT of research, I was practically spending hours and hours of my days researching on it. Finally I decided to put some effort into getting some things done, and I am glad I am beginning to see the fruit of my labour.

Of course, I am well aware that I do not have 100% contribution in this, but nevertheless since this experiment was assigned to me, I’m glad it took off pretty well.

An experiment for Project IM went pretty well, and it broke the egg (a.k.a. $0 earnings mark). I’m really relieved (not really glad, really relived rather) to see some things. Project IM is a sweet combination of science and art; you need to know the mechanics to get it to work, but you also need to constantly tweak and experiment.

This puts in quite a substantial amount of motivation for myself, and also in believing in Project IM. This has convinced me to invest some *real* capital into this project to see it kick-off even further than it is doing now, and I hope to see even greater results than this.

These experiments are merely experiments before I try ‘the big things’. But hey, I believe in multiple income streams so my “potential” mentor will have to wait out a bit. I hope to get this stream on auto-pilot for good (perhaps the occasional poking once a month) and with a pretty good and regular income before I move on to the bigger toys.

Till then 😉

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