The Power of Outsourcing

by Steven Liew

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The Power of Outsourcing

The Power of Outsourcing

Hey guys it’s me again. And today I want to quickly go through on how you can and SHOULD actually leverage on other people’s capabilities to further aid you on whatever quests you are on. I have had some success in outsourcing some of my work to some of the really quality virtual assistants out there and I really love the way how things have worked out.

Why hire virtual assistants? If you are managing a SME, surely you know that costs is everything in your daily operations. Hiring virtual assistants allows you to save costs on equipments and a lot of other annoying and unimportant administrative work, and their skills vary from clerical/administration tasks to even consultations. So you can say that the traditional method of giving someone ‘a shot’ with a part-time position or a contract, is well, personally, a no-go for me, especially with our technologies today.

Remember, if you are a business owner. You need to work ON your business, not IN your business. Do not waste time working on tasks that you think you could do to help save cost. Hire someone else to do the work for you. Focus on how you can bring in more money.

If you think that your time is worth $70/hr, why waste time when you could easily outsource out to professionals who can perform tasks faster (and hopefully better) than you, and at a much cheaper rate of say $30/hr? I hope you get the drift.

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