Introducing Virtonomics

by Steven Liew

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I managed to find an excellent (and by that I mean as close to reality as possible) online business game that is designed to hone one’s management and business skills….. Virtonomics.

My Virtonomics Account

My Virtonomics Account

So far this game has made me restart 3 times, and to be honest, there aren’t that many games that is *this* difficult for me to learn. There is market research that needs to be done (and it was not easy to study the reports to begin with…), then managing of retail (I chose commerce to begin with, since it’s the easiest for starters) and your suppliers. Then there’s staffing, marketing strategies, training of staff, and pricing of your purchased goods with reference to existing market’s sales (both local suppliers and competitors), qualities and brands of the goods.. Man so much to learn before I can step into the real world…

I can do it!

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