Dreamhost Webhosting Review

by Steven Liew

in My Product Reviews

Hi everyone! Since I have just created a promotional code of 50USD off for my webhosting account, today I shall talk about my web host Dreamhost.

I have been using this web host for close to 5 years now, and I am proud to say that I have NEVER regretted using it! For those who are not sure what a web host is, basically it is a company that provides a hosting space for you to host your website. As you can already tell (or not) via some technical methods, my site is hosted on Dreamhost.

Now, for those who have been following me closely, I am sure you are well aware that I am a perfectionist, and I have very, very high demand of standards for myself, and for whoever my partners are. The fact that I am writing this blog post after 5 years of using Dreamhost is more than enough a proof. Anyway, here goes my review.

First of all, Dreamhost has been around since 1997, so if you want to talk about credibility, you and I both very well know that it is there!

Next, security and stability. I have not experienced ANY downtime from Dreamhost so far. Coming from past experience as an ex-business owner of a webhosting company, this is something I want to salute them. There is also a monthly newsletter (written in a cool tone :)). Now let’s talk about the features of Dreamhost:

  • UNLIMITED Storage space
  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth usage
  • UNLIMITED Domain hosting
  • UNLIMITED Email Addresses
  • FREE $75USD worth of Adwords Credit
  • 1-Click WordPress installation, and many more open source programs
  • Many many more features!

There are just too many features to list them, so do check out at Dreamhost. One of the features I have used is to create a Promotion Code for those who sign up, which is worth 50USD! Oh, there is also a free 15-day trial going on now so you can have a feel of the host itself.

So if you are interested to do an online business or a simple blog (and not using free blog space with too many limited features), do give Dreamhost a shot!

You can click here. The promotion code to enter is SLBLOG50.

If you have signed up at Dreamhost, do drop a comment back here and see if it’s worth it!

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kathy February 19, 2011 at 3:34 pm

your good


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