My Definition of Success

by Steven Liew

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Looking back at 2 years ago, I felt that I had topped the world at that time – I received sponsorship from my previous company to further my studies, I took 1 year to get promoted, whereas majority of the people around my then grade took around 2 – 3 years, I had straight ‘A’ for my peer appraisal, and I had fat performance bonuses. At that point of time, close friends were congratulating me on my success in my career path, how I was getting close (or on par) with my mentor and ‘brother’, and how much they looked up to me.

Sure, those were the good feelings and good o’ days. But was I truly successful? I thought I was successful. Yes, I thought.

In this blog post, I would like to share my thoughts on my definition of success. The reason why I emphasized on ‘my’, is because everybody has his own definition of success, and what’s more, as time goes by, the definition of success changes, if not evolves to something of greater achievement (or not?).

Now back to my little flash-back… or even further back. I remember telling myself when I was 20 how I was going to strive for S$2,000/mth passive income, after putting down one of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series from Robert Kiyosaki. I was filled with inspirations, motivation and courage. I decided then, that if I could hit that target and earn that sort of money by the age of 22, I should have a very good future. Because I know that there is no guarantee in this world; no employee is indispensable, no one is un-bootable from a company. So I decided that I would start my own business again (I started my first business when I was in poly year 1, and until now I still have not found back the same feeling of excitement). At that moment, I defined success. I defined a true meaning of success for my life.

Unfortunately (and I have only myself to blame), I got too addicted into playing the World of Warcraft (WoW) that I totally forgot how it felt like, to have truly defined success for myself. I took part in raiding in WoW, became the main tank (something like a raid leader that is responsible for the other 39 players’ lives) and took a bloody good pride of it. I told myself, cool, so this is how it feels like to lead a 40-man team remotely. Yes, I was picking up on leadership skills, but on the most part, I was wasting my time.

I lost my goal, without even knowing it.

Then I got into my previous company, experienced a few ‘good stepping up’, and thought I had the world. I thought to myself, perhaps mom and dad are right – The corporate ladder is not that bad after all, and after all, I have such a good start! Then, an unexpected event happened that woke me up immediately. Though many have told me not to harp on it anymore, but I’m sorry, I’m a perfectionist and I don’t accept defeat. But that doesn’t mean I will not bounce back up. I will not be mentioning the issue here, but that event made me realise that Robert was right. I was engineered by my parents since birth to go to study, get good grades, find a good job and climb my way up.

And I decided that I’ve had enough. I don’t want to count on anyone for my paycheck, except for myself.

Today (actually 2 weeks back :)), I re-define my meaning of success again. Perhaps it is God’s way of testing my patience, pushing my limits for the past 2-3 years, and He decided it is time for me to be back again. Project IM is finally on the run, and we will succeed, no matter what happens, because I am fighting for my success. I have given up far too many times in the past, I will persevere this time, because I must, and it’s time I really do something about it. For myself. 我要破天网!

This, is my definition of success. What’s yours? Please share your thoughts and comments!

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Ayten February 4, 2011 at 12:04 am

Large follower of this website, a number of your blog posts have definitely helped me out. Looking towards improvements!


Steven Liew February 4, 2011 at 1:04 am

Thanks Ayten, I’m glad you like the content! Will continue to post more posts on Self Improvement 🙂


math games February 8, 2011 at 4:40 am



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