How to Achieve Happiness For Any Circumstances

by Steven Liew

in Personal Development

Much to the contrary of many people’s belief, anyone would probably go “You’re kidding” or “No way!” when people think about the possibilities of achieving happiness under ANY circumstances, regardless of positive, or negative circumstances.

Harvard Psychologist Dan Gilbert talks about synthesized happiness and shares on how it can be done, by revealing astonishing data and results from his experiments conducted in both hospitals with amnesiac patients, and in Harvard University itself with students.

But then again, you might also think that people who thought that they have achieved happiness even in a negative circumstance are perhaps relieving and convincing themselves with synthesized happiness rather than actually feeling ¬†happy and more importantly, experiencing joy. It is also true that one man’s delusion could be another man’s reality.

Well then, can happiness for any circumstances be achieved? And even if it could, is it only temporary, or is it merely a delusion? Are you happy with your life now? Would you be feeling as happy if things had been different for you? Share your thoughts!

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kimberly February 22, 2011 at 4:24 am

as if!


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