3 Lessons Learnt From Working From Home And An Upcoming Plan!

by Steven Liew

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My Poor Baby

Hi everyone.

First of all I’m sorry it took me this long to write another post. There has many so many things that’d happened, and I admit I did neglect a bit from my online business. And well as you’ve guessed it from the picture on the right, this is the #1 reason for my MIA for the past 3-4 weeks.

My gf, while roller-blading, attempted a life-threatening stunt in ECP on 19th Jun and fractured her left ankle. So I stayed over at her place for 2 weeks (thanks to my current employer who has most graciously allowed me to work from home) and became a nurse-cum-maid-cum-everything-else. It’s been 3 weeks and she’s still on cast.

She was given a choice to operate, or not. And the course of action she has taken is NOT go for the surgery, but to be on cast until she’s recovered. It’s her personal choice and preference, so what we are doing now is to observe (by X-ray) and to ensure that the fibula is recovering in the right direction. I shan’t dwell too much on her injury, for the reasons that it’s not mine (I should still respect her privacy) and also not to bore you 😛

But my takeaway for that…. For that 2 weeks, I actually learnt a lot about myself. And you know what, it really does take a lot of discipline to actually work from home!

By the way: What I’m going to pin down from here onward will be coming from a perspective that is totally meant for my online business. Nothing about my current job.

I’ve always had problems with attention span since young – I could never concentrate on anything for more than 2 mins. Which is why I’ve gotten the habit to plan stuffs, ensure that nothing is going wrong (on theory) before I start taking action. Did you know how hard it was for someone like that to work from home?

So what I did immediately, was to create a 2-week work plan for myself.

I planned when to speak with my VAs for progress updates, when to work on my new projects, when to draft the long emails *grin* to my mentors, and so on… This keeps me right on the track.

With the direction set, you need to stay focused. What I then did, was to tend to her while she was awake, and went all the way through the night to work on my online business. Yes, that meant sleeping at 6am and waking up at 9am for ‘work (I’ve a job, remember?)’, but hey, it’s all worth it. Every time I felt tired, I’d just remind myself about my goal, and then I’ll just keep moving. So that’s focus for you.

I’m convinced that to actually succeed in working from home (I know, it is ALREADY tough to actually be able to work from home…), you need direction, focus, and determinationpassion.


I’ve changed. I mean, in the past, I’ve always liked to face my computer and start smashing the keyboard for the next few hours and working on code development, debugging, or what-have-you. I don’t know what caused the change, but in the past 2-3 years, I have been leaning more and more towards communication with others (face-to-face of course). I think this has definitely got to do with my overseas trips exposure from my ex-employer, and I thank them for that.

During that 2 weeks of home-stay, I talked to no one else face-to-face except with her family, and a few close friends who visited her (ok I went back office once a week for a meeting / progress updates). Frankly speaking, I didn’t quite like the experience of staying at home and not talking to anyone, most of the time. It kinda makes me feel really enclosed (would ‘anti-social’ be the right word here?), like I’m drifting apart from.. the world.

Sure I was talking to my VAs – checking on their progress, reading their reports, instructing them what to do next to take my business further. But it just felt different from talking to people face-to-face.

I personally think you need to be mentally prepared for this, if you’re working from home, or if you plan to at least. Nothing is easy anywhere. There has got to be pros and cons, and I think this is for one the most crucial ‘con’ for me. But hey, it’s all part of the ‘ learning / transformation process’.

Yes you will have a lot more time for yourself and your family, but sometimes it just gets too distracting – You won’t feel like working, you just feel like playing games, you just feel like surfing the internet for a little while (you say..), then it leads to watching online videos.. and it gets endless. Then at the end of the day, you sigh at yourself when you look into the mirror as you brush your teeth and head to bed.

But not if you have a passion.

Passion is what drives you. Passion is what fuels you when you’re feeling down. Passion keeps you awake mentally even if you’re physically dead-tired.

There’s already been countless nights when I just lie down on my bed feeling extremely exhausted, but my mind kept going on on its own, doing after action reviews on my day’s progress, or a week’s progress. And then it goes on to start laying out mini-goals and steps for myself.

All these wouldn’t happen if I didn’t have the passion for it.

So before you even think about working from home, consider what I have said above. Do you really have what it takes? Do you have a clear goal (or your mini-milestones)? Are you going in the right direction? Do you have the passion in doing what you like?

That’s it for the 3 lessons.

And since I’m very certain I’ve finally found a passion for myself, this is what I’m going to do….

Everything I do about Project IM will be transparent in this blog. It has been 6 months since I’ve been involved with this project (that’s pretty much the longest personal project I’ve ever been committed to, by the way).

In fact I’ll begin with this post….

Google Check

Google Check for May 2011!

One of my income streams. I believe if you know how to make $1 on passive income, you’ll know how to grow it.

So what do I mean? Well, I will be transforming this blog into a learning platform where I will blog about Internet Marketing. For the past 6 months, I have learnt many, many things from my various mentors, and I think it’s time to contribute back. Also, in case you got misled by me.. Internet Marketing does NOT equal to making money online. But you can however make money online with it. Don’t worry if it sounds like it’s going on circles.. I will explain more in due time!

At this moment, I am restructuring this blog (re-categorizing everything, re-setting my tags, etc) and it will take about 1-2 weeks until I have something going.

For those who are interested in learning how to get started, leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

To our success 😉

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