2 Random Encounters Today…

by Steven Liew

in My Life

Random Encounter

Imagine You See This Dude TWICE.

I was surprised to see one of my mentors approaching me this morning, and we talked for close to an hour. Not that he has neglected me or anything like that, but a one hour of follow-up with the pure intention of concern is really hard to come by these days.

And I really appreciate that! In fact, I appreciate EVERY session with him…

He’s really THE leading example that I want to follow. It’s just so hard to find people who has a heart like him, who wants nothing more than a satisfied smile from “the one” he believes in. Who wants NOTHING in return.

So he asked me for my progress, what have I done so far, why were things not up to my expectations and what were the things I could have possibly done. It was a simple and informal Q&A session but sheesh, it was REALLY fruitful 🙂

Another encounter happened later in the afternoon. I was really caught by surprise, because this “someone” actually came to my blog, and started asking me about Project IM.

While sharing with him, I got to realise that he and I are actually in the same boat…

We started sharing ideas, talked about our ex-colleagues, some “old times” stories, the inspirations we have.. yada yada..

Man it feels DAMNED good when this kind of things happens.

We also talked about a possible joint venture in October this year. But as for now, we will stick to our individual projects and see where they take us to.

And if you’ve been following me in this blog (I know I haven’t been updating it.. but I’m SURE you can gauge the level of commitment I have to Project IM), you’ll see that I am actually holding 2 “jobs” now. A day job, and a night project.

Good thing my gf gives me her full support 🙂


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